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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Each part of your garage door is there for a reason. From the rollers to the cables to the springs, every single component plays a vital part in keeping your door working smoothly from one day to the next. Problems with any one part can be dangerous; as soon as one fails, it can compromise the safety of the entire garage door. Our team provides a full range of repair services that covers each and every component, so no matter what the problem is, we’re ready to help.

When Rollers Go Wrong

An important part of the door that often gets overlooked is the rollers. These components have to move smoothly along their rails each time the door cycles. Any friction can make the opener work harder, and help to increase wear and tear dramatically on the door system. Even the smallest dent can be enough to stop your rollers moving smoothly, so it’s essential to watch out for any signs of damage. If your rollers are worn or damaged, our team will be able to quickly swap them out for new units.

Opener Drive Issues

If one component is the 'heart' of the garage door, it’s the opener. This unit is what actually drives the automatic movement of the door, and the powerful motor is responsible for transmitting energy through the drive belt or chain. Over time, this component can become damaged; even the smallest dent can make the opener’s job much harder. Luckily, our team stocks a wide range of replacement belts and chains from all the major manufacturers, and will be able to fit a new one for you.

Dented And Damaged Door Panels

Damaged door panels don’t just look bad, they can be a security risk, too. By providing a potential purchase point for a burglar’s crowbar they can compromise the integrity of your home’s safety systems. Our team can remove dents and dings from your door. For more severe damage, and for plastic doors, it may be necessary to replace the panel - we work with all the leading brands, and can supply the perfect match.

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